Michael Poxon wrote:
>In fact, this is what I have done in my tale "The Fletcher Wives" (book 1 
>was finished, then the CD onto which I had backed it up got lost after I 
>had to reformat the HDD after a serious virus 18 months ago, so I am having 
>to rewrite it!!).

Interesting when that happens..........

>All the Auleri speak (of course) their own language throughout the story, 
>sometimes in large chunks.

When I was mentally creating Cindu/Kash etc. it was a First Contact story 
involving a young Terran who is sent down to Holunda city.  All the Kash 
would have spoken in that language, up to the point where John finally gets 
across the fact that his little shuttle ship has a device that enables him 
to learn a language in like half and hour :-)) Oddly, apparently I 
overlooked the fact that both he and all the Kash are telepaths, which would 
certainly solve the language problem....
But once he learned Kash, the story would have continued in English. One did 
think it might be publishable after all, even if it never did get down on 

The back-story has since changed-- now it's the Kash guy Shenji who comes to 

Any resemblance to "The Left Hand of Darkness" would be purely