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> > Whether it is or it isn't a Dawkins quote, this kind of attitude - "if
> > you don't agree with me on X, Y and/or Z, you can f*ck off" - is
> > responsible for most of the world's problems (and not, continuing the
> > Dawkins theme, religion) today and throughout history. If it IS by
> > Dawkins, that just goes to prove the point even more.
> >
> >
> > Jeff
> I see it as just the opposite.  Too many (virtually all) people don't just
> tell others to "Mind you own business, I'll mind mine"; they actively
> involve themselves in messing with your life.
> If everybody stayed out of other people's business, the world would be a
> nice place.
> stevo   </HTML>

Firstly, if everyone stayed out of other people's business, orphans wouldn't 
get fostered, dictators wouldn't get thrown out, houses which could be used 
to house the homeless would lie empty for years with the corpses of forgotten 
old relatives...

Secondly, though, it's not really the same thing. Telling someone to "fuck 
off" isn't really telling them to mind their own business; it's telling them 
to "get a life", i.e. live as you think they should live, not leaving them 

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