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> When did Finlæsk change names?  That's going to take some getting used to.
> In my case, i started with names: Ral M'kei, Zan Tysor (or T'Sor or
> t'Sor at various points), and have at different times
> reverse-engineered different derivations for them... at the moment I
> have no consistent pattern, although I suspect that those surnames are
> place-related.

Tairezan names present a similar case, except that for many names I decided they
are "actually" loaned from other languages (most of which I've conveniently
neglected to actually develop) and thus need no Tairezan etymology.

For instance, the name of a character that's been around from about the start of
the world-building project that Tairezazh is part of is _Kizail Therinazho_,
where the surname means "man of Therina", Therina being a planet, but Kizail and
Therina are loans from an undeveloped substratum language. "Kizail" is
pronounced [gzajl], BTW - Tairezan spelling is *mostly* regular, but this is one
of the exceptions.

The names that do have Tairezan etymologies are mostly descriptive - of the
parents' hopes if not of the reality - for given names, and usually related to
(ancestral) occupation or place of habitation for surnames.