On Thu, 08 Nov 2007 10:47:03 -0500, Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]>  

> What about names in your conlang?  Have you made lists?  How did you
> derive the names.

> I'd also be interested in apriori name constructions.  There might be
> significant differences depending on culture, of course.

In Uinlitska (uínlitska /wi:nlitSka/) -- formerly known as Finlaesk  
(fínlǣsk /vi:nla~Sk/) -- names from the two cultures invloved (Norse and  
Native American) seem to have collided rather happily. Names (translating  
back to English) like Bear Armstrong, Harald Runningdeer, and so on, seem  
to fit the patterns of both cultures fairly well. I haven't quite done all  
the sound changes yet, or deciding which (types of) elements to borrow  
 from which language, but I think I'll be able to follow my gut without  
creating any logical inconsistencies.


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