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> helpful hint: press apple and + buttons to increase font size.

--> With friends like this...
Followed your advice...
I now have mushy apple goo & a couple of apple pips all over the top right of my PC keyboard!
My fonts are fine anyway - I like them small!

> If you already know this, you're an "experienced physician."

--> Oops.
Call me "junior"

> And write a note to yourself so you don't forget to wear your hearing aid to work.

--> I did better than that!
I set up an audio message alert on my PDA to remind me.
Problem is I keep not hearing it when it goes off...

>Pushing fifty (but it feels like sixty)

--> Keep your chin up, gramps! Even I struggle to think back to a year when I could not think back to better years!
All you need to SEE you through your day are 3 pairs of glasses!
One for reading,
One for driving,
And one to help you locate the other two...
Who's friends with who and co-starred in what?

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