Dubinsky Leonid wrote:
> I am missing something obvious; any help is appreciated.
> I want to generate XHTML and PDF from a TEI document.
> I am using version 5.7 of the stylesheets and XEP.
All _mea culpa_, I am afraid. The FO-producing stylesheets have
lagged behind the XHTML-producing and LaTeX-producing ones.
Although I try to extract out common code and make all three
routes produce the same look, there are still plenty of problems

> 1) 'ptr' to 'bibl' produces "[n]"; 'ptr' to 'biblStruct' - "Author(Date)".
> It would be nice to be able to supply a custom label, just as it can
> be done in DocBook using 'xreflabel' attribute.
do you mean the word in the text, or the word in the
>  It would be *very* nice
> to be able to force the references to look like "[n]" even when
> 'biblStruct' is used.
doable, obviously; just that I have not catered for it yet.
> 2) When 'list' is used to contain the citations, citations in the list
> are not labelled, but have bullets in front of them. Setting
> 'type="bibliography"' on the list produces "[n]" labels for the
> citations - in FO/PDF only, and even for the 'biblStruct' citations.
> IDs for citations are mising, so bibliographic references in the
> document are dangling.
I am not entirely sure I see what you are doing, but
I'd expect you to contain <bibl> or <biblStruct>
in a <listBibl>; using <list> may produce surprising results.
> 3) When listBibl is used to contain 'bibl's, in XHTML citations are
> labelled with numbers: "n". It would be nice to be able to label them
> as "[n]". 
you should be able to do this in CSS. I have now
added a CSS class to the <ol> to let you address it.
> In FO, citations are not labelled at all.
now fixed
>  Also, FO has
> auto-generated title "Bibliography", so if I have a title in the
> source document, I end up with 2 titles in the PDF, and if I do not -
> there is no title in XHTML :)
I have removed that
> 4) When listBibl is used to contain 'biblStruct's, FO produced by the
> stylesheets is invalid:
>  Element 'fo:flow' cannot have non-empty text descendants here.
>  Element 'fo:inline' cannot be a child of 'fo:flow'.
>  Only block-level elements are permitted in this context.
I think I have fixed that
> 5) Use of 'imprint' in 'biblStruct' produces a warning:
> Recoverable error XTRE0540: Ambiguous rule match for
>  /TEI/text[1]/back[1]/div[1]/listBibl[1]/biblStruct[1]/monogr[1]/imprint[1]
> Matches both "element({}imprint)" on line 429 of
>  file:/opt/oxygen/frameworks/tei/xml/tei/stylesheet/common/core.xsl
> and "element({}imprint)" on line 133 of
>  file:/opt/oxygen/frameworks/tei/xml/tei/stylesheet/common/core.xsl
sorry, don't know how that (and some others) got through. fixed.

The bad news is that if you want to pick up
all these changes, you'll have to get the XSL
from Subversion on Sourceforge. I'll be doing a new
release before Christmas, but I don't want to do it now,
because I am manically working to complete a PDF version
of the Guidelines; which is involving fixes to stylesheets.

Sebastian Rahtz      

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