I think <orig> and <reg>, definitely, rather than <app> and <rdg>, but
shouldn't it rather be:




  <reg>he or she</reg>



("He or she" sounds more natural, to my ear, than "she or he", and Mr Google
seems to confirm that I am not alone in this, although many of the first
hits were discussions of whether one should be allowed to use such a


One could, of course, argue that "s/he" is an abbreviation (for "he or she",
or, if you insist, "she or he") and use <abbr> and <expan>. This applies
equally, if less obviously, to the others, too, I should have thought.




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Emne: Re: s/he media/tion car(s)


What about this:


- John

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just curious,
what are your ideas on marking these words in a way that
maintain all their possible reads ?

* s/he    [she or he]
* media/tion media(tion) media-tion  [media and mediation]
* car(s)   [car or cars] 

for examples/contexts, try:

(i don't know how to call this kind of phenomena .. overlapping text ?)