Joe Wicentowski wrote:
> Have members here had much experience with eXist as a native XML
> database platform for TEI (P5) databases?
Very much so. At least 4 regular posters here
are serious TEI and eXist  weenies.

>    Do you
> think eXist is 'ready' for prime time use?
what is prime time? for delivering
an academic service, yes; for running an
airline booking system, probably not.
> Can you recommend examples of eXist-based TEI databases that have a
> large body of data and/or number of users? 
for what its worth, my favourite collection is of 300,000
TEI XML records of Greek names which performs OK; but I don't know
what would happen if a 1000 people hit it simultaneously
(I doubt if more than 1000 people in the whole world
would ever want to....)
> Basically, I'd like to avoid getting too committed to eXist, just to
> find out that I hit a performance wall and need to go with a
> commercial implementation such as Mark Logic.  (My database will start
> with about fifty 800+page digitized volumes and eventually hold up to
> 400+ volumes, and it should support 15-50 simultaneous users.)
I don't see the commitment as being that great. 99%
of the XQuery you write will be portable to something else
like dbXML or MarkLogic. You'll spend some time tweaking
eXist config files, but that would apply to most software.

Whether the 400 x 800 pages of TEI text perform well
depends on what sort of questions you ask of it, I'd say.
if you regularly search across the whole danged lot
on arbitrary elements.

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