Robert Whalen wrote:
> The example below combines protocol for parallel segmentation and drama. 
> Is there a better way to do this that is still P5-conformant? I suppose 
> I could dump @who on <sp/>, but I'd rather not. I've tried some other 
> nestings, but none is valid as far as I can see.
> <div>
>                   <head/>
>     <stage>
>                   <!-- Some text. -->                  

Erm, the speech is appearing inside a stage direction?  That seems unusual?

>                      <sp who="#ovines" corresp="line21">

What function does the @corresp serve here?  The line is inside the speech, so 
obviously they correspond to each other, I don't think you need to mark it. 
Also @corresp is a datatype of data.pointer (resolving to xsd:anyURI), so 
'line21' by itself there implies if I'm not mistaken that you have a file on 
disk called 'line21' that this element corresponds to.  if you really want to do 
the pointing, put an xml:id="line21" on the <l> and use #line21 to point to it. 
  (I realise this was just a typo, but since this pointing by URI is one of the 
important things in P5, I like to highlight it whenever I can.)

>                         <!-- Note that in #w only the speech prefix is 
> "Sheep". -->

I'd still include it even if it is identical every time.  Just seems editorially 
better at little cost.

>                         <speaker>
>                            <app>
>                               <rdg wit="#w">Sheep</rdg>
>                               <rdg wit="#b">Ovines</rdg>
>                               <rdg wit="#p">Ovines</rdg>
>                            </app>

If manuscripts b and p both say 'Ovines' at this point, why not just say:

     <rdg wit="#b #p">Ovines</rdg>

Otherwise it seems reasonable to me. I'm assuming the <l> is really a metrical 
line and that this is verse drama?   I guess I'd do it more like:

<div type="scene" n="1">
                 <head>Playing with sheep</head>
                 <stage>The sheep enter</stage>
                 <sp who="#ovines">
                             <rdg wit="#w">Sheep</rdg>
                             <rdg wit="#b #p">Ovines</rdg>
                     <l n="21">
                             <rdg wit="#w">Baa.</rdg>
                             <rdg wit="#b">Baaa!</rdg>
                             <rdg wit="#p">Baaa.</rdg>
                 <!-- More of the same. -->


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