John Tone Young wrote:
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I agree with the broad consensus that this is certainty rather than 
precision, but I'm wondering what you're supposed to do if (for 
instance) you're absolutely certain that it's 'notBefore' 1598 but 
only making an educated guess that it's 'notAfter' 1615.

Couldn't multiple <certainty> elements do the trick, with each targeting the same date element, but with the @locus referring to the attribute under question?


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Martin Holmes wrote:
So, where I used to use something like this:

<date notBefore="1598" notAfter="1615" precision="low"></date>

meaning "we're just taking a guess really, but our best guess would
that it's between 1598 and 1615", how would I express that with the
current attributes?
smells like @cert to me: "signifies the degree of certainty
with the
intervention or interpretation". As James says, "1598" vs "1598-01"
the precision.

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