Hello all,

With the beginning of the new year, we are experiencing changes on both
the Board and Council. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome the
new member of the Board, Susan Schreibman (University of Maryland), and
the new members of council, Gabriel Bodard (King's College London),
Peter Boot (Huygens Institute), Elena Pierazzo (King's College London),
Paul Schaffner (University of Michigan), David Sewell (University of
Virginia), and Manfred Thaller (Max-Planck-Institut for History,

We also owe a huge debt of thanks to our outgoing Board and Council
members: John Unsworth (University of Illinois), Christian Wittern
(Kyoto University), Matthew Driscoll (University of Copenhagen), Dorothy
Porter (University of Kentucky), Laurent Romary (University of Nancy;
Max Planck Digital Library), Conal Tuohy (Victoria University of
Wellington), and John Walsh (Indiana University).

John Unsworth was the founding chair of the Consortium and the Council,
and has served the TEI in many functions over the years. Christian
Wittern was the Council chair responsible for overseeing most of the
work on the development of P5. Matthew Driscoll, Dot Porter, Laurent
Romary, Conal Tuohy, and John Walsh all devoted considerable amounts of
time--with their colleagues past and present on the Council--to
finishing P5 in time for the 2007 members meeting.

Finally, we also owe a huge debt of thanks to our Editors, Lou Burnard
(Oxford University) and Syd Bauman (Brown University), whose positions
at the TEI will be changing as a result of our recent reorganisation of
the Council. Lou's contributions to the TEI since its inception and
Syd's in more recent years do not need rehearsing.


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