2008/1/4, James Chandler <[log in to unmask]>:
Dave scrit:

>-writing: Kazakhstan is planning to switch to the
Latin alphabet within the next decade or so, and
that's a good thing as it'll help facilitate
communication between Turkic languages.

Spelling reform and adoption of the Latin alphabet are
topics I'm also interested in.  I posted a rather
interesting essay by Jespersen on the subject of

>if you're of the opinion that the languages of the
world are eventually going to merge into a big creole
the best thing to do could be promoting an existing

How about Papiamentu?  There are only 2 things holding
me back from promoting this creole: the lack of a good
dictionary (looks like i would have to take a holiday
on Aruba or Curacao to get hold of one!); and that I
am not sure how the speakers of a creole like Pap.
would feel about their language being promoted as an

Yeah, I've always thought you should go there and try learning it. Second best might be finding some people online that could teach it to you or trying your hand at writing on their Wikipedia.

Since it's relatively easy compared to Spanish, shouldn't you be able to figure out the grammar as you go by checking out the online newspapers and taking comments from people that live there? Maybe you could start a Papiamentu grammar and language source wiki at wikia.com and with enough effort you could make the first complete Papiamentu course online strictly through your own experiences.

I've seen a lot of Papiamentu videos on YouTube too and I bet some people from there would be willing to transcribe the speech since that's usually the best way to learn a language and they should be interested in promoting it.
I'd put some work into that too if you started a wiki on the language.