2008/1/8, Franz Sledge <[log in to unmask]>:
I'm somewhat a fan of Papiamentu, so I was delighted to see it mentioned. I
have "Papiamentu Textbook" by E.R. Goilo (sometimes available from
abebooks.com) and Betty Ratzlaff's very good English/Papiamentu Dictionary.
Also Elis Juliana's "Haiku in Papiamentu" which is still in print.

Papiamentu looks good on paper. I have not heard many recordings of it being
spoken; the ones I heard were hard to follow.

Den tempu seku
un nubia chikitu ta
hala atenshon.

In a time of drought
the tiniest cloud will draw
attention surely.

Have you seen some of the videos on YouTube? Due to the relative strength of the economy there seems to be more content there than you might expect.

I expect most will have an easy time with the first one considering the subject is orthography.