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> > Whether materials of this sort can be salvaged, at least in the USA, I
> > would say is doubtful, as I presume that there is limited money and low
> > priority for conIALs. This is a shame. Although I have no illusions
> > about it making any kind of comeback, original Interlingua/LsF is my
> > personal favorite.
> It's pretty well known I don't support these for WAL usage, but
> they are still nice linguistic designs, and a piece of conlang
> history. Has anyone at least made an effort to scan the
> materials to preserve them electronically? I know there are
> efforts like Project Gutenberg to digitize older works that are
> now public domain. I'd like to see some of these in PDF form if
> they become available.

Some of the materials might not even survive scanning.  One of the bound
volumes had an untrimmed signature.  When I took it to a librarian to
have the signature slit open, she asked if I was trying to photocopy it.
I said that I was not, and she replied "Good."  I fear that some of these
sorts of materials are going to be lost unless someone would actually
transcribe them by hand before the pages disintegrate entirely, although
it might be possible to take literal photographs of some of the pages
without opening them completely and then scan the photos.  That would
make for a poor copy though, as the type would be at an angle.  (And in
a library such as the Library of Congress, with its restrictions, that
would probably be a first class major undertaking, to say nothing of the
sheer volume of material in LsF.)  Also, there is the question whether
these materials are actually in the public domain, given that many
western countries keep extending and extending and extending the duration
of copyrights.

Paul Bartlett

How long do you think it would take for a single person to transcribe the whole thing by hand? Are you allowed to take computers into the library for this purpose?