--- Paul Bartlett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Jan 2008, steve rice wrote:
> > As to copyright, this comes under the Fair Use
> > provision, specifically Scholarly Use--at least in
> the
> > US.
> Although I myself tend to be rather scrupulous (as
> the theologians put
> it) about such things, I suppose that Fair Use might
> cover it.  I
> didn't pay attention to whether there was even a
> copyright notice in
> the materials.

As a writer, I know a bit about copyright in the US.
(I make no claims about other countries' laws.) What
matters is whether you are depriving a legimate
stakeholder of revenues by copying the material.
(Technically, there's the possiblity that the
stakeholder wouldn't want the info disseminated. But
with very rare exceptions, auxlangers and conlangers
welcome distribution.) If you check I think you'll
see that the likelihood of damage (or even of a claim)
is remote.


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