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> Paul Bartlett
> > Whether materials of this sort can be salvaged, at
> least in
> the USA, I
> > would say is doubtful, as I presume that there is
> limited
> > money and low
> > priority for conIALs.  This is a shame.  Although
> I have no
> illusions
> > about it making any kind of comeback, original
> Interlingua/LsF
> is my
> > personal favorite.
> It's pretty well known I don't support these for WAL
> usage, but
> they are still nice linguistic designs, and a piece
> of conlang
> history.  Has anyone at least made an effort to scan
> the
> materials to preserve them electronically?  

From what he says of the materials' condition, I doubt
scanning would work.

I know
> there are
> efforts like Project Gutenberg to digitize older
> works that are
> now public domain.  I'd like to see some of these in
> PDF form if
> they become available.

That's more nearly what Google is up to. Gutenberg
deals in regular text, whether plain or html.


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