Dave scrit:

>-writing: Kazakhstan is planning to switch to the
Latin alphabet within the next decade or so, and
that's a good thing as it'll help facilitate
communication between Turkic languages.

Spelling reform and adoption of the Latin alphabet are
topics I'm also interested in.  I posted a rather
interesting essay by Jespersen on the subject of

>if you're of the opinion that the languages of the
world are eventually going to merge into a big creole
the best thing to do could be promoting an existing

How about Papiamentu?  There are only 2 things holding
me back from promoting this creole: the lack of a good
dictionary (looks like i would have to take a holiday
on Aruba or Curacao to get hold of one!); and that I
am not sure how the speakers of a creole like Pap.
would feel about their language being promoted as an

Kordiale, James Chandler
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