It seems we are not the first ones to consider proposing Papiamentu as an
auxlang. Prentiss Riddle wrote the following in an August 1991 post in the
newsgroup sci.lang:

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I've never understood why no one has seriously championed some form of a
real-world creole or pidgin language as a world interlanguage.  My favorite
(for sentimental reasons, as I've done no serious study of the subject)
would be Papiamentu... [snip]

I once attempted to learn a bit of textbook Papiamentu and found it
comparable in ease of learning to Esperanto, at least at first blush and for
a person who speaks a couple of European languages.  Among other advantages,
choosing a creole for an interlanguage would mean that linguists wouldn't
poohpooh it as "not being a *real* language". :-)

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