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Den 30. jan. 2008 kl. 09.35 skreiv R A Brown:

> What do people do in their own conlangs in the case of bilingual  
> nations?

I have 5 languages in my con-country, and perhaps even more, as the  
lowland dialects of Urianian are so different from the highland ones,  
and the western lowland ones are so different from the eastern ones.  
But I think I need to develop this a little more, as I have only one  
place-name for most places. I do have an old map with Urianian  
placenames also in the regions where today Azurian, English or Gaelic  
are spoken. Probably the Urianian speakers today will prefer to use  
these names, while the inhabitants will use their own. In the border  
regions between Azurian and Urianian there are bilingual towns, and  
these keep the Urianian names, except that minor Urduk has the  
Azurian adjective "Lille" (or properly "Litla", as "Lille" is  
influenced by Danish, but this is the form used on the maps) attached  
to it.