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> This is completely anecdotal too

In response to Peter and the rest of the group. I frankly am a little 
confused. I have never had an emergence reaction and can only think of a single 
vomiter. (Yes I use ketamine on a VERY frequent basis). I don't know whether I have 
been using an isomer or something. Or perhaps my presedation karma is superb. 
My point is that my personal experience is directly in line with literature: 
I don't use Versed and have not had any problems arise.

I HAVE had a bad experience with laryngospasm and this is where my own 
anectdotal approach comes into play. I use atropine to prevent secretions from 
irritating the vocal cords. Perhaps some would argue that I too am practicing 
anectdotal medicine in this regard.


Rick Place, MD
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Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children

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