On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:33:37 +0000, R A Brown wrote:

> I don't know why he calls it "Ancient Italian," if, indeed, it is early 
> or Proto-Latin he is calling "Ancient Italian.
> By 'Ancient Italian' I understand the Proto-language from which not only 
> Early Latin but also Venetic, Umbrian, Oscan, Sabellian and Sabine are 
> derived - if indeed Yves Cortez is calling Proto-Romance "Ancient 
> Italian" what does he call the Proto-language of all the related IE 
> Italian languages?

No, that's Ital*ic*.  "Ancient Italian" I would understand to refer
to the oldest stage of the Italian language that can be called "Italian",
namely the Vulgar Latin dialect of Italy in late Imperial times, as
opposed to other Vulgar Latin dialects.

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