John Vertical wrote:
> BTW, if you do end up standardizing the roots' permutation, I'd expect
> something based on sonority considerations rather than alphabet order?

Good idea. Much better than an arbitrary order.

Is it possible to order ALL consonants in a definite order, does,
for example, various plosive stops have different sonority? Otherwise I may
combine it with place of articulation or something...

>>Sketch 8.2.1
> Humm, I can see numbering untitled sketches, but do you really need a
> *three*-tier system to keep up? Does that include a version number? :)

Well, no. Not yet :) I'm just recently began to archive and numbering
sketches. It is based on date: 8.2 for February 2008, and .1 for the first
sketch in that month. Maybe I should just say 8.6.

> No, it's an inherent part of the word all right, it's just a non-continuous
> root. So it's not just affixes getting in-between, the parts' order is
> mutable, I suppose the CV part might even encliticize onto verbs /
> adjectivs. I'm currently planning on having OVSO word order. ;)

You mean, the two Os are parts of the same object?

Sounds a bit like an idea I had about an inward-branching language,
like this:

verb ->
ve-subject-object-rb ->

But I'd never developed it, since I failed to make it pleasing. Maybe
something to do again.. hmm possibly 8.7 :)

Here is the beginning of sketch 8.7 :)

/k t p S h m n l w j/
/a u i e_o o_o/

/S/ is <š>

kašu "see"
hipo "I"
nema "you" (singular)

kahiponemašu "I see you" (perfective; no specified tense)

loki "maybe"
teha "inside"
peime "house"
lupi "know"

-li- change to adverb (if transitive an adverbial preposition)
-tai- plural

lokanetaimahipošuki "maybe you (plural) see me"
kahiponematelipeimehašu "I see you in a house"
luhipotenemapeimehapi "I know that you are in a house"

Roger Mills wrote:
> Still, an irrealis noun is an intriguing thought :-)))) might be useful in
> speculative work.

The syntax of Raikudu allows the following:


I think I will investigate its semantics closer. Could be useful :)

-- Veoler