On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 05:36:15 -0500, John Vertical <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>...You're not saying that in order to be a Real Conlanger, you'd have to
>have started, say, before the age of 15, are you?

I believe _most_ people who are going to be lifelong 
conlangers start before the age of 18 or so. This is 
based on all the introductions and surveys I've seen 
here over the years. I have not used the term Real 
Conlanger ever, as far as I can recall.

>I'm in the "triggered by conlangs online" camp, but possibly because I had
>previously gotten the impression that you had to be a linguistics professor
>and spend thirty years minimum to produce anything that works.

Are you saying that you once considered langmaking but 
were dissuaded by the impression you mentioned above, 
and then X number of years later you discovered that the
requirements aren't so steep? That is interesting. If I'm
understanding all of the above correctly, may I ask
how old you were when you first considered langmaking and 
how many years went by until you actually started?

Richard K. Harrison of Florida