>- The concept of a dadalang, a conlang with
>deliberately dadaïste or surrealist semantics
>(and grammar/phonology?  Not sure what would
>make a dadaïste phonology.  Maybe a phoneme
>inventory that includes a bunch of exotic stuff
>while leaving out the most common phonemes
>in the world?  Or phonotactics that allow complex
>onsets and codas but forbid basic CV syllables...?
>Dada grammar is a bit easier to imagine.).  Sonja Kisa's
>jokelang Oouu (sp?) is the only one that comes
>to mind; it has a phoneme inventory consisting entirely
>of vowels, and a ridiculous degree of polysemy and
>ambiguity.   gzb has some minor dadaïste elements
>to its vocabulary/semantics, though not very
>much because it's meant for my everyday use.
>Jim Henry

'Sfar as jokelangs go, Kokipopi also strikes me as somewhat dada.

I also remember having once found a discussion on patently ridiculous
conlang ideas from the list arkives. Stuff like "verbal mood is specified by
the color of your hat".

Yes, dadaist phonology might be difficult to distinguish from "kitchensinky"
or "alien". Stuff like phonemic /spl/ but no phonemic /p/ could make it.
Maybe require consonants &vowels to always come in clusters of 2N? Let's try

/sp bl st rl sk gl/ <p b t d k g>
/mf xt Nf Nm Xf/ <m s f n h>
/pj pw tH kj kw/ <z v x c q>
/qK @u gZ lX/ <l r j w>
/ae eu i2 oy ui @a/ <y o e u i a>

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<zomg wut>
/pjeumfgl lXoyst/

Ah yes! The experiment is a suffix!

-L. Kitre Vnodge