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> The second note is a review I've seen of this beast
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> has this to say about typing on them: "Typing on it, well, sucks. We
> kind of hate to say it, but this thing more than likely won't replace
> what ever keyboard you're writing your novel on... As a whole it just
> requires way too much force to depress keys. And the larger the key, the
> more force is required, so enter is easier than space, but harder than
> tab. Let's put it this way, we sit around and type all day long and this
> thing wore us out in about 30 seconds to a minute. Carpal sufferers,
> beware." They probably exaggerate it to some extent, but I would *not*
> be buying one of these without trying it extensively first.

Funny, I deliberately use a keyboard with mechanic switches, otherwise I get
carpal tunnel syndrome. And it seems I'm not the only one to like it ; ).

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