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The Emergence of Pidgin and Creole Languages

This book provides explanations for the emergence of
contact languages, especially pidgins and creoles. It
assesses the current state of research and examines
aspects of current theories and approaches that have
excited much controversy and debate. The book answers
questions such as: How valid is the notion of a
pidgin-creole-postcreole life cycle? Why are many
features of pidgins and creoles simple in formal terms
compared to other languages? And what is the origin of
the grammatical innovations in expanded pidgins and
creoles - linguistic universals, conventional language
change, the influence of features of languages in the
contact environment, or a mix of two or more factors?
In addressing these issues, the author looks at
research on processes of second language acquisition
and use, including simplification, overgeneralization,
and language transfer. He shows how these processes
can account for many of the characteristics of contact
languages, and proposes linguistic and sociolinguistic
constraints on their application in language
contact.His analysis is supported with detailed
examples and case studies from Pidgin Fijian,
Melanesian Pidgin, Hawai'i Creole, New Caledonian Tayo
and Australian Kriol, which he uses as well to assess
the merits of competing theories of language genesis.

Professor Siegel also considers his research's wider
implications for linguistic theory.

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