Kjell scrit:

>That's correct and that's why I ask. As a matter of
fact I have only met one person who started learning
Ido, i.e. he did not get there via Esperanto.

I myself probably fall into that category.  I started
learning Esp (from the book Teach Yourself Esperanto)
but got fed up and found Ido before I had even
finished that book.  So I never really used Esp before
I became an Idist.  People like me might be more
numerous than you think.

>I have always said that Ido should go out to the
public audience and not merely try converting

The problem is that the Idists, as a group, are not
very good at promotion or recruitment, and the Espists
are easy pickings.  It's like if you have someone who
is not very good at fishing (like me, I could never
get the hang of it..) and there is a well-stocked
fishpond nearby, they are more likely to fish there
than in a fast-flowing river.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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