2008/3/7, Kjell Rehnström <[log in to unmask]>:
James Chandler skrev:
> Kjell scrit:
>> I have heard "skribilo" used for any object you could
> use for writing. If I have understood the difference
> between Ido and Esperanto, Ido would not produce a
> word like "skribilo" in that meaning.
> skrib- = write
> -ilo = tool
> so skrib/ilo = any writing instrument, eg. a pen

> The problem is that most of those commenting on
> aspects of Ido on this list are not coming from a
> position of knowledge of Ido.  I was always taught
> "know your enemy".  The enemies of Ido on this list do
> not seem to know their enemy.  This leads to one
> spurious and ill-founded criticism after another.
> Despite your brief foray into Idia, Kjell, you don't
> seem to really know what you're talking about when it
> comes to Ido.

> Kordiale, James Chandler
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That's correct and that's why I ask. As a matter of fact I have only met
one person who started learning Ido, i.e. he did not get there via
Esperanto. He eventually defected to Interlingua (but that's another

A Korean friend of mine said yesterday that he'd like to learn Ido and I sent him some learning material, so that'll be the second you know about.

But in all honesty, during the early 20th century it did look like the idea of an IAL was going to really take off so it did make sense back then to go after Esperantists. Now it doesn't.