On Thu, 06 Mar 2008, Peter Collier wrote:
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> > Hi!
> >
> > Mark J. Reed writes:

> > Let's collect a list.  I used Google and Wikipedia,
> > the strongest
> > allies for gathering reliable information, to start
> > a list:
> >
> > allowed:     Prostitution   Running brothels
> >
> > Netherlands: yes            yes
> > Germany:     yes            yes
> > France:      yes            no
> > Spain:       yes            no
> > Italy:       yes            no
> > Greece:      yes            yes
>   UK - Eng+W   yes/no^1       no ^2
>   UK - Scot    yes/no         no
New Zealand has recently decriminalised prostitution.  This has not 
stopped my hypochristian brethren venting on the issue or at least one 
city council attempting to pass a bylaw to keep brothels out of the 
city centre.  Apparently it is not a tourist attraction.

A friend who works at the Southland District Council recounts the story 
that after they rationalised the numbering in one small town so the 
numbers alternated across the street they were visited by a district 
councillor as the new number of one of his elderly lady constuents had 
previously belonged to a well frequented house down the road!

In Dunedin I think I could name three places of interest to those 
inclined, although I can give no evidence of the quality of their 
services.  Any evidence of streetside solicitation is anecdotal that I 
have heard of -- except for loud young men shouting out of fast cars -- 
and I favour the automatic execution of those young idiots anyway!

- andrew.