Eric C.
Second, does anyone know of any theory dealing with reduplication  
where both the base and the reduplicant have some sort of *semantic*  
value and are related syntactically or morphologically? See, I don't  
even have the vocabulary to ask that question clearly. Unfortunately,  
I can't think of a really good example right now, but a contrived one  
would be _book book_, meaning a book *about* books.* In that phrase,  
both instances of _book_ carry semantic information which is related  
in a grammatical way, and the whole phrase _book book_ differs from  
_book_ in a substantially *semantic* way, rather than a purely  
grammatical way (like it would if reduplication could form plurals in  

The only example I can think of that comes close comes from

kitap = book
kitap mitap = books and related materials

It's like, "Hand me that book and the other stuff related to the
book" (loose papers, maybe a pamphlet, pencils, pens, etc.).  Book
stuff, essentially.  There's a bit of a write-up on Wikipedia, and
probably more elsewhere.

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