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>  > One thing I have had in mind to ask: What about definiteness?
>  >
>  > The definite article, and a generic demonstrative - what's the
>  > difference?
>  Semantically, very little, if any.
>  I suspect you could replace every demonstrative "that" and every "the" in
>  English both with "bleen" and be just as expressive and concise (once the
>  listener knew what "bleen" meant).

And it works for millions of native speakers of German, where the
demonstrative adjectives(?) and the articles are the same: "Ich suche
das Haus" = I'm looking for the house, while "Ich suche *das* Haus" =
I'm looking for that house.

And the relative pronouns are the same, too: "Ich suche das Haus, das
gelb ist" = I'm looking for the house which is yellow.

Or for a trifecta, consider "Ich suche das Haus, das so groß ist wie
*das* Haus" = I'm looking for bleen house, bleen is as big as *bleen*

(Though now that I think about it, demonstrative uses typically add
another particle such as _hier_ "here" or _da_/_dort_ "there": "das
Haus hier, das Haus da" for "this house, that house". And there's also
"dieses Haus (hier), jenes Haus (da/dort)" for "this house, that

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