Den 4. mar. 2008 kl. 10.41 skreiv taliesin the storyteller:

> It might be pretty but you couldn't have tried to find somewhere
> less central? :)

It's not the right place to go if you feel for a visit to a cinema,  
restaurant, brothel or other urban facilities in the evening after a  
day at the meeting, but if you live in a town, you can do that any  
time you like. Besides, the nearest town, Førde, is less than an  
hour's drive away and offers most of these facilities, if not all.  
Anyway we have excellent cooks in the hamlet, and can easily rig up  
for movie displays, musical entertainment et cetera. The old  
schoolhouse occasionally is used for dances.

> It'd be a plane-trip to Bergen for me, and then
> I'd have no idea how to get the rest of the way. I don't drive
> if it can be helped.

There is an airport at Førde as well, and from there it´s a two hour  
bus drive. We are a hospitable lot and usually it's easy to find  
volunteers when something special is going on. And what can be more  
special than a conlang meeting? This means it will be possible to  
keep the expenses low.

> Here's the route according to Google Maps:

This answers your question, doesn't it, Anders? To be more specific:  
61.5ºN, 5.5ºE.

It may be a little late to plan for this summer. Maybe it will be the  
next. But it would be helpful if you all could state your interest or  
lack of as soon as possible. Tentative date July 25-27. I think it  
could be a success. And maybe a memory for life.