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> > * Sai Emrys said on 2008-03-05 08:59:41 +0100
> > > * On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 4:44 AM, Lars Finsen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > > > It's not the right place to go if you feel for a visit to a cinema,
> > > > restaurant, brothel or other urban facilities /../
> > >
> > > /me blinks
> > 
> > Now, now, you're an USian. That automatically places you, even if you are
> > a card-carrying pinko commie etc. etc. way right of any European. Or so
> > the cliche goes.
> Well, yes, the US is amazingly conservative overall. 
> /../ the lumping is still weird.

Ah, you misunderstood the reason for the inclusion of the first part of
the final paragraph:
> > Though: the southern and westerly parts of Norway are still the most
> > puritan areas; or as one of my schoolteahers put it: "In that valley
> > here it's all black, no fun and praise the lord, while in the
> > neighboring valley over there it's pass the moonshine and don't vomit on
> > the threesome in the bushes when you leave."

Here I was joking since that Lars F. lives in a valley south and west of
me, he is probably a super-puritan, and then the lumping makes sense.

The final part of the final paragraph was me joking about ppl that
live south (like Lars do): like all southerners, <insert negative
stereotypes here>. This because it could be construed that Lars was
stating that city-people was/is <insert more negative stereotypes here>.

It also served to point to something that'd never work in fiction
(wouldn't be believable), only in real life, and hence useful for


t., who hates travlling for hours by bus