Sai Emrys wrote:

> quoting me:
>>  It's not the right place to go if you feel for a visit to a cinema,
>>  restaurant, brothel or other urban facilities in the evening after a
>>  day at the meeting, but if you live in a town, you can do that any
>>  time you like. Besides, the nearest town, Førde, is less than an
>>  hour's drive away and offers most of these facilities, if not all.
> /me blinks
> Are you serious or joking?

About half of each I guess, which is my habit. Being a countryside  
resident by choice, I'm not likely to over-emphasise the positiveness  
of urban pleasures. On the other hand, prostitution has been such a  
normal activity these last 10000 years or so that I don't see any  
reason for excluding it from generic urban activities. There are  
reasons for frowning upon it, but limited to such realities as the  
abuse of women and the increased risk of spreading disease in my  

taliesin the storyteller told:

> Here I was joking since that Lars F. lives in a valley south and  
> west of me, he is probably a super-puritan, and then the lumping  
> makes sense.

There are puritan valleys still, but since the advent of TV and  
asphalt roads it's become more difficult to keep valleys completely  
puritan. My valley is neither extremely puritan nor extremely anti- 
puritan as such. Rather, there is a mixture.

There are a few puritans, but they mostly leave others alone and  
don't bible-bash a lot.

Then there is a middle section who lead normal lives, go to work,  
some of them raising sheep or cattle in their spare time, and like to  
party now and then.

And then there is a section of art-loving leftists-environmentalists,  
who arrange an international art exhibition in September each year  
(, and once managed to stop an  
international mining company from exploiting some titanium ore in a  
mountain here, one of the worlds biggest titanium deposits I've  
heard. These days another company is muscling in and we are having  
another struggle on our hands.

Personally I am most closely affiliated to the art-loving leftist- 
environmentalists, though perhaps on the rightmost side - they have  
quite a few communists among them, enough to elect a representative  
in the local council.

Anyhow I think it's one of the more interesting small communities in  
Norway and worth a visit just for the community itself, if you  
couldn't care less about nature.

> The final part of the final paragraph was me joking about ppl that
> live south (like Lars do): like all southerners, <insert negative
> stereotypes here>. This because it could be construed that Lars was
> stating that city-people was/is <insert more negative stereotypes  
> here>.

Hmm, guess it could, but I'm not totally against city-people as a  
whole. Only when they're acting like typical city-people, that is, as  
a mob.

> t., who hates travlling for hours by bus

Hm, that doesn't sound promising. From Bringeland to Førde there is  
about an hour's ride. From Førde to here there's another hour,  
including a 15 minute stop in Naustdal. Does that constitute too  
much, or...?

> Den 5. mar. 2008 kl. 10.39 skrev Andreas Johansson:
>> It does, but please do not call me "Anders".

Oops, sorry!

>> I'm interested in principle, but this summer could be awkward. I  
>> won't know for some time yet whether I'm able to go in July.

Okay. I guess the prospects aren't very good for achieving a meeting  
with any more than me and my cat as the participants. And since the  
latter doesn't do any conlanging, and we furthermore meet almost  
every day anyway, the need for arranging anything at all doesn't seem  
to be present. So let's keep it at an idea stage for the time being.  
If it were to be arranged such a Scandinavian conlanging meet, what  
would be the desired planned activities? Lectures? Workshops? Games,  
including RPGS or LRPGS, perhaps even on stage? Movies? Concerts?

If you won't attend the meeting, maybe you'd like to form an  
organising committee with me? Then we could have an organising  
committee for a meeting with me and my cat as the only participants.  
That would be something.

He's looking at me right now. "Are you writing about me," he seems to  
be thinking...