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> > First of all, there are no complete worldlang projects.
> >  no speakers.  FWIW: I have had people write me expressing
> >  in learning Sasxsek.  I'm currently advising against it 
> because it's
> >  still nowhere near complete, but the interest is there 
> nevertheless.
> >  No, I don't expect to find a following here because people 
> here have
> >  already made their choices, or have similar projects of their
> I'm most interested in Sasxsek when you actually talk about and
> material in Sasxsek; when you spend your time bashing other
> not so much. I'm not sure why you don't get that.

I don't "bash" other languages.  I point out problems areas where
they exist and do give credit where credit is due.  If anything I'm
more likely to bash the sheeple that religiously attach themselves
to one of these languages to the point where they think they are
"perfect" despite valid criticisms.   

> >  > The only way to get 'converts' is to avoid criticizing the
> >  existing
> >  > systems overly much.
> >
> >
> > That's the fault of the logic you're using, the same one Idists
> >  You are somehow relying on *converts* rather than 
> recruiting openly.
> >  If anything, Idists are the biggest offenders by trying to gain
> >  speakers by promoting it as a solution to Esperanto's criticism
> >  rather than selling it as a language in it's own right.
> Uh, isn't that what I just said? Learn from Ido's experience.

No, you said "the only way to get converts..."  which is a perfect
example of what Idists seem to be working toward.  I'm really not
looking for converts, nor asking anyone to stop using whatever
auxlangs they already know.  However if an E-ist or Idist chooses to
learn a worldlang too, that's fine.  

> >  > Sure it's fun to criticize other languages, but I grew 
> out of that
> >  > after a few months against Esperanto. Now I see that I'll
> >  get an
> >  > Espist to switch over with that attitude.
> >
> >
> > You're not likely to get an E-ist to switch anyway.  He's made a
> >  choice, invested his time and is likely getting some
> >  results from it.
> >
> Espists are perfectly friendly when you don't bash their language.
> I've worked with a number of nice Espists through their Wikipedia
> they've invited Idists before to international language
conferences to
> present their product. A lot of Espists will learn Ido just for
> and surprise surprise are not that opposed to Ido as long as
> not bashing Espo.

Again, I don't "bash" the language, but I will give criticisms of
certain features as to their effectiveness or lack thereof.  I may
bash the blind followers, not so much for their choice to learn a
particular language but for their cultlike attachment to it.