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> > I know what you mean.  Scanners are cheap,
> Of course, if you have no money, scanners are exorbitantly 
> expensive. :-)

Not sure what you mean by "have no money" (as in maybe you just have
little to spare), but I have a laser-printer/scanner combo (no fax)
that I only paid $75 for.  The only kicker was that it came with a
"starter" cartridge, which still lasted a long time given my modest
printing needs, so I recently found myself paying $90 for a new
toner cartridge.  

> Although I have seen people using a flatbed scanner back in  an
area off
> the Main Reading Room at the Library of Congress.  I have never
> but I presume they got some sort of permission, as the LoC is
> strict about what may be taken into the reading rooms.

I've never been there so I'm not familiar with their rules.

> I photocopied Searight's book "Sona" (I have a copy) and mailed
> enlarged photocopies to someone.  He turned the copies into two
> and put them online, but because I have only limited bandwidth
> half-speed dialup), I have not looked at the copies to see how
> they are.

I know what you mean.  I like in a rural area where I've only had
cable internet for a little over 4 years now.  Before that it was a
dialup connection that typically connected at about 24K.  Still, I
had a dedicated phone line with a keep-alive program running.  If
there was something large to download I'd start it and let it run
all night and day.  Interestingly, I've recently signed up for VOIP
service so I'll soon be running my phone over my internet