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> Dave scrit:
> >I'm not sure whether it should be speco or sorto
> either. That'sprobably a good question for the
> on linguolisto to discuss.
> Fwiw I would go with 'speco' here.  Each fruit or
> vegetable belongs to a different plant species in
> formal sense.  Even if you are not speaking
> biologically, speco is still the more appropriate
> here.
The reason I'm tempted to use "sorto" is that "speco"
(which the Eo translation uses) seems like a
back-reading of modern biological concepts. The Hebrew
is "min" (generally written with a circumflex on the
"i"), however, which does seem to refer to types of
creatures, though probably not in a way that fits our
taxonomic schemes.

But there are various tweaks to be made. On second
glance, I really should change "Existez lumo" to plain
"Esez lumo": I doubt the idea was creating light for
the first time but (in effect) switching on the light
for the first time.

Thanks to Dave for the mention of Luke; I wasn't aware
the site had updated.


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