Sure there was. It was after Kathy Jo was born. Granny thought that Mr.
Drucker was quite a guy.

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> > ... which apparently take place in the same ficton...
> I believe the same guys developed and produced "The Beverly
> Hillbillies," "Green Acres," and "Petticoat Junction."  G.A. took
> place in Hooterville, the same setting as P.J., and several characters
> from P.J. showed up on G.A. episodes. Then there was a short series of
> episodes of B.H in which the Clampetts visited the hotel on P.J.
> But confusingly, one episode of G.A. involved Eb's high school class
> putting on a play about the Beverly Hillbillies, treating them as a
> fiction. (Of course, on opening night, Eb gets hurt so Oliver and Lisa
> have to stand in as the actors.)

G.A. is one of my alltime favorite shows, and yes it's a bit of a spinoff
from Petticoat Junction.  I don't ever recall any crossover with B.H.
though, but it's not a show I've watched very much.