caeruleancentaur wrote:
>> "David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> wrote:
>> Well, you should be sending your message to: <CONLANG@...>
>> Is that where you're sending it?
> What does ... mean?  I see that all the time but nothing else is 
> given.
> I guess there's nothing I can do.  I'll just continue to do what I've 
> always done and beg your indulgence for tacking a new subject onto an 
> old one.

The official address to send mail to is conlang atsign, i.e. the ... is

You should be using an email program to send messages to that address,
or using the webmail interface which I know little
enough about but I think Carsten Becker uses. You can find it from (The "Post to the list" link,
second in the first group.)

But if you choose to remain using Yahoo! Groups, then yeah, there's
nothing to be done.