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Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: Another terminology query

> Somehow I don't think your "sincere apologies" were really all that 
> sincere.. :)
> But this one is: I'm very sorry about that. There was no cause for the
> spelling correction.
> I normally maintain better control of the raging pedagogue that
> dwells within me, but every once in a while he gets out and goes on a
> rampage, and then I have to pack up and move along to another new life
> as a piano plays mournfully in the background...
>, wait.  That's not me, that's Bill Bixby's David Banner on the
> Incredible Hulk TV show...
> What was I talking about again?
> Ah, right. TV shows from 20+ years ago.  Man, do I feel old now.  Old
> and pedantic.  Not a good combination; "crotchety" can't be far
> away...
> -- 
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You're right.  There really should be a punctuation mark for irony.

As to the rest, A a gracious apology. Please fugedabowdit.