Ph.D> Yes, G.A. is probably my all-time favorite sitcom.
Ph.D> Paul Henning was the creator of all three shows.

Any relation to Doug?  "It's an ill-YUUUU-sion!"

li_sasxek>   I won't say the absolute favorite, but probably running
about third behind Get Smart and Married: With Children.

+1 on Get Smart, which is one big-screen adaptation of a classic TV
show that I'm actually looking forward to, since I love Steve Carrell.

But M:wC has never felt like it belonged in the "classic" category to
me.  Too much crudity for its own sake.  Funny (mostly), sure, and
watchable, but not in the same league.

Of course, it's also the only one of the sitcoms mentioned thus far
which debuted during my life.  The others I caught in syndication,
since I had the good fortune of growing up in range of Atlanta channel
17 just as Ted Turner was in the process of transforming it into the
world's first Superstation.  Most of its programming then was
syndicated reruns of 60's sitcoms, and I became very familiar with all
of them.

Including "Hogan's Heroes", which I still think had to have been a
shot across the bow from the Holocaust denial camp.  Who the heck gave
the green light to a sitcom about wacky Nazis? But I learned to count
in German from Sergeant Schulz, one of my first forays into other

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