>"David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> wrote:

>Well, you should be sending your message to: <CONLANG@...>

>Is that where you're sending it?

What does ... mean?  I see that all the time but nothing else is 

If I click on "reply" I am given three choices:
1. [log in to unmask]
2. The address of the person to whose message I am replying.
3. [log in to unmask]

None of these takes my reply to the messages.

I discovered early that I could forward my message to the message 
list.  I simply click on forward, then delete the "FWD:".  The 
problem with this is that I can never truly start a topic.  I always 
have to add on to someone else's.

I guess there's nothing I can do.  I'll just continue to do what I've 
always done and beg your indulgence for tacking a new subject onto an 
old one.

Speaking of which (and which made me question [log in to unmask]) a 
friend has met someone with the surname Glymph.  We were both curious 
as to the ethnic origin of this name.  Does anyone on the list have 
an idea?  We both thought it might be Celtic in origin.  I hazarded a 
guess that it might be an Orc name! :-)