Just a quick delurk to let people see the progress I've made with my 
second conlang, Ákat. I've done most of the basic groundwork and am now 
in the process of testing the language against a series of sentences - 
discovering the quirks and workarounds the language uses to cope with 
various grammar and syntax challenges.

Below, a brief list of the key features of the language, followed by the 
first test sentences, and rounded off to some links to explanatory 
website pages and pdf documents:

Key features of the language
# Ákat is a reconstructed language within my conworld, Kalieda - its 
developers, the Nakap philosophers, were searching for the "perfect 
language", the language that they believed was spoken by all people at 
the beginning of time

# The grammar of the language is more metaphorical than analytical

# The language has 10 vowels (with no dipthongs), 2 semivowels and 27 

# The language has 3 native scripts, including a logographic script

# Consonant voicing is a grammatical as well as a phonological feature 
of the language

# Ákat is an active-dative language, with a fairly strict SVO word order

# It is also highly polysynthetic, with agent incorporation into the verb

# Almost all words are derived from core concept roots - the derivation 
models were an intrinsic part of the Nakap philosophers' work for 
developing the language

# There are five object classes, and five object numbers

# Counting is base-8, and small numbers cliticise onto their object

# The language only has two formal tenses, but compensates with a rich 
array of aspects and moods

Test translation sentences

#1: We are sitting in the night, and like the night, we are silent.
óvudùehm xylnasetfùx evz neike!titutakxik cirsynasetfùx

#2: I thought this darned thread was dead
fixnuduzohxnaul xynihmàhqizùdat àtasentaptisatyf

#3.1: The clouds floated over [eg across] the sea.
hmneisoxxosapòibadêbábdoul e!sacic

#3.2: The clouds floated over [eg above] the sea
hmneisoxxosapòihqogdoul sinsisacic

#4.1: John is taller than he (John) thinks.
nilỳkaphrinasap dazohxàul xylivz àke!fiétap fynykos

#4.2: John is taller than he (someone else) thinks.
àke!dazohxàul xylivz ỳkaphrinasapfiétap fynykos

#5.1: They named their child (Richard)
ázuvèdal ákisêfuskiófosminoikasan

#5.2: What is your name? My name is (Richard)
cuáke!hrinakis nake!kiófosminoikasan

#6: They swept the floor (such that the floor was) clean
hmágohcêbàdỳat ápapciékocxiet

#7: I am standing between a cat and a rabbit
óhqognabahmoks sinsoàxuqeàkoc

#8.1: I swim across the river
ábadhcrihcnaul sinsisapaphmtap

#8.2: I prefer to swim across the river
ábadhcrihcnaul sinsisapaphmtap cirtynatyxninake!

#9.1: The man died (just now)
hmàhqizùdaleqs áxes xylnuset

#9.2: The man died (without apparent reason)
hmàhqizùdaleqs áxes mylácup

#10: the woman ran off long ago
hmácatàbadàuloks tinyset tioáqokfinoike!

#11.1: John saw Peter and he (John) ran off
nilỳkaphrinasapan hmábazzaal satexan kihmágivzaul tioáqokfiòike!

#11.2: John saw Peter and he (Peter) ran off
nilỳkaphrinasapan hmábazzaal satexan tihmágivzaul tioáqokfiòike!

#12: The hunter shot at the pig as he fell out of the tree
hmàtyfdavyzzaut nilàcof sinhmòibadêdabùas tiiàxip

#13.1: Simon lives at that place
ỳfakkátandyhnhqogà!hqat áqok

#13.2: That place is Simon's home
taqok xiỳfakkátan áqokxik fiòike!

Links and stuff

A .pdf file (just under 800kb) explaining how I pulled together each of 
the above test sentences can be found at
The document also includes ipa transcriptions for pronunciation, 
together with commonscript and logographic script renderings for each of 

The Ákat website, detailing the basic phonology, grammar and syntax of 
the language can be found at:

And there's a lexicon at:
... I'm quite proud at how the logographic script is developing!

Hope people find this interesting,