--- On Sun, 4/27/08, Dmitri Ivanov <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> PS. I'm thinking to adopt the Chinese "dyen"
> (dian) for "electric".
> Usually we take a European word if most European languages
> agree, but
> dyen is so much easier; besides you don't have to be a
> prophet to
> predict that soon almost everything electric will be
> produced in
> China, and words with dian may become widely known.

Even granting that they produce most such things, why would "dian" show up anywhere? The labelling would likely be in a Western language, with Chinese showing up perhaps only in the non-romanized form. After all, we've had Japanese electronics for decades, and "den" doesn't seem to have much currency as a result. (And they're more likely to put romaji on labels, too.)


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