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> > Allah and Yahweh aren't the same guy; the
> descriptions differ 
> > too radically. On the other hand, the triune God of 
> > traditional Christianity could be the OT God, but
> (depending 
> > on your interpretation of certain passages) the OT God
> > wouldn't have to be the triune God of the NT.
> I'd use some 
> > form of "Yahweh" myself, and allow a generic
> word for deity 
> > to be used as well. The difference technically is that
> "God" 
> > is a description, while "Yahweh" is a name.
> Most don't know that and they all worship a single
> diety of the same
> general description. 

The major difference is that the Judeo-Christian God is a person and can be known as a person. As I understand the typical teachings about Allah, Allah is unknowable and not demonstrably a person.

There are numerous contradictions and
> ambiguities in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  One very
> notable one
> that had been brough up before has to do with when did they
> become a
> monotheistic system of beliefs when there are references to
> other
> gods (ex: "thou shalt have no other gods before
> me").  

I don't follow this. Even an atheist can surely acknowledge that some things may function as gods: they can be worshipped. So will it clarify the matter to phrase it as, "You shall treat no other person or thing as God except me"?

The worship of Yahweh occurred in a polytheistic context; it was necessary at times to acknowledge that, even though the followers of Yahweh believed the "other gods" didn't really exist. (There is also a linguistic issue, in that "elohim" sometimes referred to human rulers or judges, but you can usually figure that out from context. It was not unknown for a ruler to require his subjects to call him a god.)


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