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> I think that "astronaut" would be very easy to express. At
> least in English, it is something like "star" "sailor"
> ("sailor" is derived from "boat" in Greek). It could also be
> something like "universe-fly-man" like in Japanese. Or
> "universe-boat-man" like in Chinese I think.

I don't see any problem here either.  How about just

As Steve wrote, by primary point was to question the fact that astronaut would be a difficult concept. "space traveler" seems fine too, though it's actually three ideas, "space-travel-er". In my example above too, "sailor" in Greek is related to "boat", so it would technically be something like "star-boat-er". It's interesting that in English as well, we say a "spaceship", so we are using the same semantic transfer that we adopt from Greek. In Chinese also they say a "space ship" rather than "space car". It's probably a more natural idea, since space-ships, like sea ships, have no wheels.

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