> On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 3:20 PM, James Chandler <idojc@...> wrote:
> > Dmitri scrit:
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> >  > Swasti!
> >
> >  I must admit to feeling uncomfortable about this.  It is too
reminiscent of "swastika" - although I don't know the etymology or if
it is related.  It's just too similar in form.
> >
> >  I think you have to be very careful as some people might think
your language has some kind of neo-Nazi connotation.  I would just
steer well clear of the whole issue.
> >

I am way too Russian to be pro Deutschland ueber alles :)

LdP'ers are sure about swasti, we like this Sanskrit word.

It has been discussed in the worldlangs group:
Also "salam" has been mentioned as a word that some people could find
not too nice. But the question is, should we carefully carry into the
future all the present-day stigmas?