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>  What about "salom"? It would be a combination of Arabic "salam" and
>  Hebrew "shalom" (both of which mean "peace"). This would symbolize the
>  hope of a pacific interaction between Arabs and Jews, in which each
>  side accommodates a little to the other side and they meet halfway. :)
>  Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues
Yeah, that's not bad. It's also the way you say salam in Uzbek, as an
a will often turn into an o in that language. Uzbekistan -
O╩╗zbekiston, Asia - Osiyo, etc.

You've just gone some way toward selling me on the idea. Not only do we have a mixture of two important, warring cultures, but we also have a greeting used in a small country (population wise) that has borrowed the term. Salom is not a bad idea.

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa (patwa.pbwiki.com)