I know around here, in part due to many people here from the
south, often going back to the days of the pipeline, with many
coming from the oil states of Texas, Arkansas, Lousiana,
Okhlahoma and like Texarkana States..

Also a large military precense. I hear alot of "Thank you Sir"
and like.

Even after they realize I am just a lowly specialist in the Army

But most times it is cause of my age at 46, and profession as a
cab driver.. I get Sir.

It feels wierd, cause I am my self used to using Sir for

Also fun is the use of Madame, sometimes its respectful such as
for an officer who is female, but .. also can be .. local
massage parlor is often called "Madame Lee's" for example. So it
sounds wierd for some? or ..  Respectful cause of her being the
owner of a local business/massage place..