Whorfs theorem alive and well? Grin..


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I always get a chuckle out of Dilingo:

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> Bimo, dorahay:
> I wonder if anyone here knows of a constructed language where
the main
> purpose is humor (i.e., a COMedic LANGuage).
> Just as a very crude (and non-PC) example of what I mean, a
language where
> the word for "woman" is homophone of the word for "crazy", or
(for balance
> :) "man" a homophone of "dumb".  A more sophisticated (not to
mention much
> funnnier) example would be Douglas Adams's description of the
fictional work
> _Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations_ from one
of the
> Hitchhiker's Guide books.
> I ask because I intend to incorporate some comedic elements
into my own
> conlang (a fictional language for a comedic work), and it
would be
> interesting to see some examples.
> Carl Banks

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